“Sparkle with me, Lilly!” The lady who harbours original growth forest secrets in her nooks and crannies has stripped off and with the brassiness and aplomb of uninhibited age, coupled with a ‘who bloody cares anymore’ attitude, calmly tacks through the beach-goers on a course for waters glistening. Racing across the sand, my one-piece swimming […]


(WHY I THREW MY MUSE AWAY LIKE DISCARDED ART) She lay just over there face up and expressionless a blank canvas staring at the sun I held the brush but didn’t know where to start unsure and torn between brushing out her tresses and draping a sheet over her so I would not be tempted […]


Dear Grandma, You’d be most surprised were you still here to see the way the world’s evolved, round freshly made sponge feather-light as before my childhood memory of shaky hand rattling plate beside bone-china tea. Early on battle’s morn my father lit the furnace before greeting bovine troops at dawn. You marshaled yesterday’s fowl bombs […]