From the verandah’s dark recess Jason eyes Eveline’s scallop-edged petticoat, coveting the pristine broderie anglaise. He nervously gnaws at the skin inside his cheek. Her hands never stop moving. She chatters to the tall man, a marionette guided by a long-limbed puppeteer. Jason feels the lightness of her tethered passing as a butterfly’s wing, hovering […]


In the outbuilding Jason collects the body parts. He lines up arms and legs, disembodied heads and the soft padded material pillows of once plump bodies. They have come from loving arms and warm beds to Widget tip’s recycle centre via times and places called neglect. The back of the wardrobe. The crate in the […]


The old house has creaky bones and shifts on its timber stumps when the southerly winter winds creep around the eaves. Inside rooms between deep verandahs and central hallway, the dolls huddle on dusty shelves. Glazed eyes wobble behind glass cases, porcelain limbs clutching flags of different nations. The material, faded where the sunlight slides, […]


Eveline stamps her feet impatiently on the concrete steps, dislodging damp grass, her shins tingling. Daddy has promised her a morning with the beautiful ones, the ladies with the pale faces and ringlet hair done up in bows and bonnets. They whispered to her from rosebud mouths, the faintest swipe of rose petal hued paint […]


She anticipates receiving the menu like a gymnast does the other uneven bar. Knowing the waiter will place it into her hand before pouring water, but only after proffering the napkin. “Striped snake for curing gland disease, nervous breakdowns and generally improves health,” says a placard on the wall, while another sign highly recommends the minced […]