“Sparkle with me, Lilly!” The lady who harbours original growth forest secrets in her nooks and crannies has stripped off and with the brassiness and aplomb of uninhibited age, coupled with a ‘who bloody cares anymore’ attitude, calmly tacks through the beach-goers on a course for waters glistening. Racing across the sand, my one-piece swimming […]

Prelude to Summer Surfscape (The Lifesaving Tower)

  I Before summer’s aquatic veil reveals frothy rips and lacy undertows crimson and marigold bunting ceremonially unfurled atop stakes flagging perimeters of safer swimming zones marched by the barefoot patrol erected at day’s start by volunteers on watch over those who venture to engage in worthy battle beyond the warming sands II Seasonal arrival […]

Going Home (Centre of the Sun)

Sunday afternoon drinks the centre of the sun sinks into casuarinas known when the day is nearly done we are going home. Wave-ridden girls saved my inner mother reborn bathed in saltwater spa foam cool air on weekend’s curtain drawn we are going home. Damp towel clings sand on feet where washing brings squeaky thongs […]