(WHY I THREW MY MUSE AWAY LIKE DISCARDED ART) She lay just over there face up and expressionless a blank canvas staring at the sun I held the brush but didn’t know where to start unsure and torn between brushing out her tresses and draping a sheet over her so I would not be tempted […]


Walking to an afternoon’s ocean swim through the beachside car park, two children and their mother skirt a flower of smashed ceramic, crunched by passing wheels into a smattering of small angular petals. What was once a china plate decoratively mosaics the grey bitumen.  White pieces glinting hard-edged in the sun. Daughter observes that her […]


Did the cold western winds blow me your name a late winter’s chill across my silvered mane? A memory that caresses the faintest fracture line that once limped its orbit around my slender spine, where footsore foreign soldiers hobbled across the fronts of small squares cobbled. Remember when you captured my heart lured with words […]


I’ve wondered what it would be like to indelibly mark my hide alive with rainbow serpents beneath my skin that colour my day from deep inside. Still my heart resists the needle’s hurt – I’m seeking another kind of high… I’ve wondered what it would be like to pierce through my skin all taut with […]

What Happens When Dating a Consulting Engineer!

If dating civil engineering hydrology consultants, expect your ‘together-time’ will be structured somewhat differently. Weekday weather often delays fieldwork, so weekend dates are around catch-up work. I have measured drainage tunnels under major arterial roads before being taken out to lunch, and looked at flood evacuation routes on the way to dinner. My first time […]


Taken home from indoor bowling She sets him tasks that need a man’s touch Resetting the washers in the taps And takes him baked custard for desserts Tut-tutting his diabetic diet He lets her bring the water pressure cleaner And he gets to on cleaning his driveway While she bleaches his vertical blinds He brings […]