Sea Rogue’s Song In quiet tides time snaggedroped to ocean’s floorinstead of raising the sea’s bountytrawling white flesh bountysweet fleshed fish and prawnsyou were taken beforegrey skies and blue raysdistilling propellers’ humschooling empty windows ghosting hollow netswith ascending breathunderwater angels visitshadows fifty metres belowthe aquarium’s hulled home


Surface tension explodes in liquid refraction today’s last whale jumps through ozone-hazed mirror breaching myopic ceiling suspended in blue gravity acquiescing exhaled prisms under skies. Above whalebone bodice foamy lace lifted rainbows transform become cumulonimbus smearing horizon watermarked veils billowing outside empty windows. Fifteen seconds between constant beats mercury floating bivalve suns crystal tonnage imprisoned […]

Brunswick Heads Surf Lifesaving Tower by Full Moon 21-August-2013

These beach observation towers dot the coastline of Australia where volunteer-run surf lifesaving clubs provide water safety training, first aid and holiday/weekend safety assistance to beach-goers. Always swim between the flags!

Beach Walkway to the Full Moon 21-August-2013

Banksia and coastal wattle (acacia longiflora) form a dark foreground vegetation under a full moon. The plastic-covered wire fenced paths reflect the moonlighr. The Southern Pacific Ocean still and calm at the end. There was not even much of a breeze. Not a bad conditions for a late-winter evening beach walk.


Leaving the fishing resort for my next island-hopping flight, the lagoon had one parting surprise. Reclining on my backpack, in the lee of bow and tropical downpour, I spooled out a rubbery squid lure on tough monofilament.  The handline jagged and my yellow raincoated driver cut the motor. Local customs revealed: landing fish has priority […]