Syria, Iran, Snowden (Carpe diem, Verax!)

Schumer_On_Putin-poking-eyes(1_and_2_mins_in) Opinion: Charles (Schumer) objects to Putin’s eye-poking over Syria, Iran and Snowden! If one is going to be on a NSA watch list somewhere it may as well be for poetry and in solidarity with other newsworthy rebels! Monday morning deserves a laugh here in midwinter Australia.  So here’s my shout-out for the reaction […]


We stopped, as guest supplicants at a hallowed place. The riders dismounted from their thin, bloodied horses. In the midst of the circle, as though the centerpiece of a ritual, was the skull of an ox. The ceremony, of which our presence was integral, held the air of something sacred. Silently and reverently, the men […]