Losing One’s Licence (from the “NUTS!” collection)

The old woman hobbled away, mostly unscathed. Helen, my neighbor, didn’t ask me later how she found unaccompanied dentures in her lap.  That’s how I knew she’d been conscious enough to witness the pedestrian’s serious timing error at our street corner. She’d been sitting in the front seat, one-tenth sober.  I’ve given her lifts home […]

On Meeting Toby (from the “NUTS!” collection)

I swear there was this time I met a big bad wolf.  He was sitting at the bar, eating nuts from the complimentary bowl and taking long, slow sips of tomato juice. My legs were cold. Dressed in a skimpy top, short black skirt and a lightweight coat, I remembered too late that it was […]

Imaginary Train Travel on the Northern Line (from the “NUTS!” collection)

We were on one of those efficient, high-speed trains from Sydney to Byron Bay to attend the inaugural ‘Festival of the Unenlightened’. We’d stopped to let passengers embark at Coffs Harbour. It should be noted that no one in their right mind actually ‘gets off’ at Coffs Harbour. Who would? The private-sector owners retain this […]