The Nude Painting

The artist’s model reclines. Fully clothed, he fusses with the line of his shirt, the trouser length, his tie. A stray thread worries him. He pulls at it. “Comfortable?” she enquires. His face is fully exposed to the woman sketching him, she who will paint him and capture his face… torso… legs… on canvas. He […]


“Sparkle with me, Lilly!” The lady who harbours original growth forest secrets in her nooks and crannies has stripped off and with the brassiness and aplomb of uninhibited age, coupled with a ‘who bloody cares anymore’ attitude, calmly tacks through the beach-goers on a course for waters glistening. Racing across the sand, my one-piece swimming […]

Constance F. Gordon-Cumming Finds Home

Orphaned young, Constance accepted the governor’s invitation to sail to Fiji.  With pen and brush the Scottish spinster records sweating missionaries civilizing island savages. After drinking kava from the enlightened coconut shell, the mountains beckon her with echoes of distant highlands ablaze with heather.  With the native women she climbed the dangerous tracks, her long […]

Dissatisfaction and the Author

“Everywhere else in the world seems exciting. But I am not famous.” “Yes you are,” she disagrees. A semi-experimental novelist is just a fraction of the world that he exists in. He is relatively famous, within this thinly spread audience. He sips dandelion wine and ponders the marshmallow soles of his sneakers.* If he wanted […]


The little guitarist girl turns her back and jumps a little, jiggling pert bottom towards the audience under the high-top canvas tent. She had raised the hopes of every red blooded male and dashed the dreams of all the single girls, packed as they are like plastic sliced cheese, sweating under ponchos that keep out […]

So I Get Up And Wander Around

Elusive Morphia is running late for this evening’s date. I’ve rolled over and left room for her. She favours others, I fear. My choices waver between soothing my heart with soulful tunes by those who’ve been ‘stood up’ or turning the radio on and listening to rambling interviews. I’ll risk missing her wave tunneling through […]

The Sky Above, The Land Below

Keel high, our hull scrapes at the edges of the curtained sky. Barnacles ask why they’re in the spotlight. I sigh, put my back into spinnaker hoisting and know I will feel strained muscles tomorrow. Sweeping the ocean’s bed clean, cloud puffed sheets fall like parachutes and land dream-ridden on a pointed toe. Tiller firm, […]


I am nine years old, flying interstate with my family. It is nearing time to land. The hostess has collected the drained coffee cups on a trolley that blocks my view of the co-pilot. The ‘no smoking’ sign has chimed on. (We are back when children were invited to visit the cockpit and habitually puffing […]


She anticipates receiving the menu like a gymnast does the other uneven bar. Knowing the waiter will place it into her hand before pouring water, but only after proffering the napkin. “Striped snake for curing gland disease, nervous breakdowns and generally improves health,” says a placard on the wall, while another sign highly recommends the minced […]

Stolen Honey In The Cemetery

I couldn’t leave you in peace, lying prone in the graveyard, covered in leaves, silent and alone. Jettisoned plastic flowers made a bridal bouquet. Touching edgy letters in granite and lichen etched marble had me humming tunes from stage musicals. The angels looking down drew the short straw. Posing beatifically all day is a drag. […]