A Coloured Glass View Of My Grandfather

Descended from opportunist graziers that rode the plains. From the sheep’s back three generations carved up paddocks between dust and drought. His grandfather built the house from bricks handmade on the property. Dug from the clay that coloured skies and muddied reflections of dying stock. Wrought iron lace. A sniper’s gunfire in France killed his […]


Since November 2012 I’ve been researching the history of my maternal grandfather’s great-grandfather.  Yesterday I slipped between suburban houses and visited his gravesite.  It is in need of urgent repair and rehabilitation.  The ravages of 132 years, the steady growth of peppermint trees and general neglect will do some of that.  Getting the location marked […]


Volunteering for the community Has me working on records cemetery Transcribing headstones’ last message For technology’s online passage And in my breaks I roam around The rooms of a post office re-homed With dental chair and printing press A baby’s cot, lace wedding dress… all memories of the past that once was a day like […]