Stolen Honey In The Cemetery

I couldn’t leave you in peace, lying prone in the graveyard, covered in leaves, silent and alone. Jettisoned plastic flowers made a bridal bouquet. Touching edgy letters in granite and lichen etched marble had me humming tunes from stage musicals. The angels looking down drew the short straw. Posing beatifically all day is a drag. […]


A sepia postcard dusty with time and fingered edges flaking inside the metal tin. Lifted free the scene lives. A scent of horse and sulky, guided by a driver in pale dress and petticoats picking their way down the muddy incline. Weir-edged, the pooled water mirrors a ruffled scene. Framed by trees sentinel in paddocks, […]


Old grazier George arrives from his outback station hauling an Irishman’s thirst for his shearer’s cheque.  Cashing in at the ‘Royal’, cool ale scours dust accumulated in the woolshed. Stumbling upstairs, heart hammering and breathless, he retires. Woolly with sleep in the early hours, he believes he is home.  Driven by thirst and mistaking a […]


Did the cold western winds blow me your name a late winter’s chill across my silvered mane? A memory that caresses the faintest fracture line that once limped its orbit around my slender spine, where footsore foreign soldiers hobbled across the fronts of small squares cobbled. Remember when you captured my heart lured with words […]


Old Fred shuffles down the hall, his slippers scuffing audibly. He’d been in bed, but like most nights, he liked to get up and walk.  He’d head away from the nurses’ station.  If he didn’t find them first, they’d hear his distinctive shuffle and arrive to guide him back to his bed, tucking him in. […]