Silhouette In Salt Air

Afternoon sinks behind notes of a single warbling magpiememory collected in shadows along road’s ribbonrecall the times we waited for this spot to reveala vista of sea and rock and lighthousebefore descending from macadamia quilted hills to the coast I have come home to country the long way ’roundthe view behind the fence a snapshot […]

Brunswick Heads Surf Lifesaving Tower by Full Moon 21-August-2013

These beach observation towers dot the coastline of Australia where volunteer-run surf lifesaving clubs provide water safety training, first aid and holiday/weekend safety assistance to beach-goers. Always swim between the flags!

STILLWATER (9-July-2013)

Searching for pools deep and still in which to cast thinking round and worn jumbled stone thoughts rough and tumbled wet discs skipping rock and wave blue skies refracting shadow and sea sweeping river bends glassy and smooth missing sand between toes undertow and memory thoughts turn to friends here and away


Our neighbour steals our land.  The destructive bashes she hosts can last for days, though late at night the bass eventually lulls us to sleep.  On sunny days we inhabit the pathways bordering our common boundary.  Some poach her fish.  Others leave their trash at her front door.  My children throw stones.  I cannot stop […]