Silhouette In Salt Air

Afternoon sinks behind notes of a single warbling magpiememory collected in shadows along road’s ribbonrecall the times we waited for this spot to reveala vista of sea and rock and lighthousebefore descending from macadamia quilted hills to the coast I have come home to country the long way ’roundthe view behind the fence a snapshot […]


Walking to an afternoon’s ocean swim through the beachside car park, two children and their mother skirt a flower of smashed ceramic, crunched by passing wheels into a smattering of small angular petals. What was once a china plate decoratively mosaics the grey bitumen.  White pieces glinting hard-edged in the sun. Daughter observes that her […]

Imaginary Train Travel on the Northern Line (from the “NUTS!” collection)

We were on one of those efficient, high-speed trains from Sydney to Byron Bay to attend the inaugural ‘Festival of the Unenlightened’. We’d stopped to let passengers embark at Coffs Harbour. It should be noted that no one in their right mind actually ‘gets off’ at Coffs Harbour. Who would? The private-sector owners retain this […]

Empty Chair

At the end of the first day of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival I was walking back from the tent where Paul Kelly and Archie Roach were performing some musical collaborative moments with my camera in hand.  I stopped and enjoyed the Belongil wetlands scene, noting that someone had left a chair presumably where they’d […]

MY NEW ‘UNCLE’ JACK (a pair of drabbles)

I Sitting behind the Billinudgel Hotel, we introduce ourselves to a visiting couple from the Gold Coast.  Down for the weekend, they are recovering from having emptied their wallets in nearby Byron Bay. I am sitting with my friend’s friend Jack.  In profile we share an aquiline nose.  In practice we share a love of […]


You’re moving your toes through the cold sand. It’s late and the night is on your tongue. The dream author pulls a cigarette and lights up. What happens next? [from a 14 July 2013 Facebook post by the Byron Bay Writers Festival She sauntered across the chopped-up beach to where I’d laid down to […]