No Name… and Particularly Unnamed

Road to nowhere Where are you on the map? Some side street, Nothing important The ignominy is to be, but not be named The lesser evil is to make it official Even when labelled and thus captured (And this is no conspiracy!) My computer recognises your status Strange alliance May it be witness protection Or […]


Stepping in red soil country past Minyon’s weathered drop clay-smoothed hands cup a bird’s bath portal iron furrows over silent rail bridge timbers blinks into promised sky where tumbling rush of pebbles recycle the ground and veins pummel a sound like no other, tumbling gems whose scales flash within A shovel-scraped hill gathered grindings from creek’s serpentine edge skeletal […]

The Place Where The Dreamcatcher Hangs

At the back gate where the frangipani struggles against the predations of passing samplers who want a piece for their garden without asking, or caring that the cumulative effect is the snipered dwarfism of gnarly limbs where I dismount from bicycle to lift the latch there is a sound, of tinkling glass taken out of […]

Silhouette In Salt Air

Afternoon sinks behind notes of a single warbling magpiememory collected in shadows along road’s ribbonrecall the times we waited for this spot to reveala vista of sea and rock and lighthousebefore descending from macadamia quilted hills to the coast I have come home to country the long way ’roundthe view behind the fence a snapshot […]


Would one carry luggageWhen the porters smileDisarmingly white-toothedBecause you are their next mealThe roof over wide-eyed childrenA calling-in place for global roamersThe café where you drink milk frothedThat has not curdled in distended stomachs?Would one knowingly chooseThe life of one over another as thoughIt were as simple as choosing a meal from a printed menuWhen […]

Empty Chair

At the end of the first day of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival I was walking back from the tent where Paul Kelly and Archie Roach were performing some musical collaborative moments with my camera in hand.  I stopped and enjoyed the Belongil wetlands scene, noting that someone had left a chair presumably where they’d […]

Morning Mist

molecular sun overnight droplets fractured winter warmth dawning Morning sun burning through the mist – from a corner of the Kyogle Road near Wadeville and Lillian Rock in the Tweed Valley NSW – photographed by Alexandra at about 7:00am Saturday 27-July-2013.


Geraldine Doogue wakes me from my morning slumber. She slips from the morning radio detailing how Nelson Mandela’s 95th Birthday is being celebrated with exhortations to spend time doing something for someone else. Play it forward, I think. It is warm in my bed    And grey outside the vertical blinds      that curtain the […]


Spotted yesterday while walking and taking riverside pics on way to my friend lunching on hot battered fish and chips… I saw this sorry fellow balanced somewhat maligned tethered to a stray swivel on the end of fishing line… Wishing I could catch you and extract that cruel hook I consoled myself with capturing your […]


I’ve wondered what it would be like to indelibly mark my hide alive with rainbow serpents beneath my skin that colour my day from deep inside. Still my heart resists the needle’s hurt – I’m seeking another kind of high… I’ve wondered what it would be like to pierce through my skin all taut with […]