After the Burning / Comes the Rain (Two Drabbles)

The sweet essence of milled sugarcane washes over me. I’ve wound the car window down as I drive beside the river, inhaling the echo of sugar that earlier waved from a patchwork paddock. Exercising sun salutations in Winter’s stillness triggers the emergence of torchbearers. Circling the crop molten flames drop. Centrifugally forced, bush rats and the diamond […]

No Name… and Particularly Unnamed

Road to nowhere Where are you on the map? Some side street, Nothing important The ignominy is to be, but not be named The lesser evil is to make it official Even when labelled and thus captured (And this is no conspiracy!) My computer recognises your status Strange alliance May it be witness protection Or […]


Stepping in red soil country past Minyon’s weathered drop clay-smoothed hands cup a bird’s bath portal iron furrows over silent rail bridge timbers blinks into promised sky where tumbling rush of pebbles recycle the ground and veins pummel a sound like no other, tumbling gems whose scales flash within A shovel-scraped hill gathered grindings from creek’s serpentine edge skeletal […]

Silhouette In Salt Air

Afternoon sinks behind notes of a single warbling magpiememory collected in shadows along road’s ribbonrecall the times we waited for this spot to reveala vista of sea and rock and lighthousebefore descending from macadamia quilted hills to the coast I have come home to country the long way ’roundthe view behind the fence a snapshot […]

A Coloured Glass View Of My Grandfather

Descended from opportunist graziers that rode the plains. From the sheep’s back three generations carved up paddocks between dust and drought. His grandfather built the house from bricks handmade on the property. Dug from the clay that coloured skies and muddied reflections of dying stock. Wrought iron lace. A sniper’s gunfire in France killed his […]

Prelude to Summer Surfscape (The Lifesaving Tower)

  I Before summer’s aquatic veil reveals frothy rips and lacy undertows crimson and marigold bunting ceremonially unfurled atop stakes flagging perimeters of safer swimming zones marched by the barefoot patrol erected at day’s start by volunteers on watch over those who venture to engage in worthy battle beyond the warming sands II Seasonal arrival […]


A sepia postcard dusty with time and fingered edges flaking inside the metal tin. Lifted free the scene lives. A scent of horse and sulky, guided by a driver in pale dress and petticoats picking their way down the muddy incline. Weir-edged, the pooled water mirrors a ruffled scene. Framed by trees sentinel in paddocks, […]


Sydney had a temperature. Bondi Beach waved, beckoning. Ignoring thousands of pale bodies packed like grilling prawns on the sand, she feels the soothing cool water on hot skin and tastes the familiar saltiness of the Pacific. Offshore the incredible chattering of the masses at play rises cicada-like. Emerging, her senses are assaulted by foreign […]


  The high drone with mosquito-like insistence heralds summer mornings in the suburbs.  Swarms of garden elves are firing up. “All I want for Christmas… is my neighbour’s whipper snipper to die!” – the accident and emergency doctor’s wife. Further north the sentiments are more explicit: “Neighbour getting busy with his mowing and whipper snippering […]

Reasons to Leave Widget: Flood

When the Tuross River rises it sucks at the undersides of the timbers of the old bridge. Confused vegetation and stiff-legged, waterlogged cattle wash out of low paddocks where the fences are down.  They lodge in the crossbeams of the timber trestle.  The detritus of the countryside eventually sidles past the trusses. Away. The knobbly […]