(WHY I THREW MY MUSE AWAY LIKE DISCARDED ART) She lay just over there face up and expressionless a blank canvas staring at the sun I held the brush but didn’t know where to start unsure and torn between brushing out her tresses and draping a sheet over her so I would not be tempted […]


A BLUE PERSPECTIVE She’s lost him. Somewhere in the whitewash, or the trough between crests. Standing on the point she squints into the sun, one hand holding her wind-swept tresses and the other her board. She’s worked hard all summer in a sweltering cafe to pay it off. Now she takes it whenever she wants […]

ART, NOT GRAFFITI (29-May-2013)

Lately I’m thinking that urban art installations say so much more than ‘Ollie’ the local graffitist’s facile tags, scribbled on this town’s back laneway fences.  They slander my child’s school hall and insult the volunteers each morning at the back door of Vinnie’s recycling centre.  I’d love to recycle them into the exploration of the […]