After the Burning / Comes the Rain (Two Drabbles)

The sweet essence of milled sugarcane washes over me. I’ve wound the car window down as I drive beside the river, inhaling the echo of sugar that earlier waved from a patchwork paddock. Exercising sun salutations in Winter’s stillness triggers the emergence of torchbearers. Circling the crop molten flames drop. Centrifugally forced, bush rats and the diamond […]

No Name… and Particularly Unnamed

Road to nowhere Where are you on the map? Some side street, Nothing important The ignominy is to be, but not be named The lesser evil is to make it official Even when labelled and thus captured (And this is no conspiracy!) My computer recognises your status Strange alliance May it be witness protection Or […]


Stepping in red soil country past Minyon’s weathered drop clay-smoothed hands cup a bird’s bath portal iron furrows over silent rail bridge timbers blinks into promised sky where tumbling rush of pebbles recycle the ground and veins pummel a sound like no other, tumbling gems whose scales flash within A shovel-scraped hill gathered grindings from creek’s serpentine edge skeletal […]

Time For Tea

I found in donated items a tiered cake plate one of three Wedgewood ghosts cleared out for a handful of dollars ownership of time simply transformed from aloft a small tierd petit fours plate hangs empty of delights but full of movement softly ticking off the hours until it is time for tea

Bottlebrush Dancer (tanka)

  tango flower spirit dressed for night in red allure web-woven velvet skirted softness suspended lantern sways invitingly ___________ Bottlebrush Dancer is a variation from my usual haiku with a 31 syllable tanka (5-7-5-7-7) exploring personification of a bottle brush flower. The photograph captures just one flower that was hanging over our neighbour’s fence with […]


(WHY I THREW MY MUSE AWAY LIKE DISCARDED ART) She lay just over there face up and expressionless a blank canvas staring at the sun I held the brush but didn’t know where to start unsure and torn between brushing out her tresses and draping a sheet over her so I would not be tempted […]


Seeds scattered random Delicate awakening Unfurl tiny leaves Dream big savannah Bamboo forest lullaby Pampas fields waving ____________   I do like how quaint some translations can be, especially when it takes us back to the simplified explanation. It reminds me of when children are learning to speak and don’t possess all the vocabulary for […]


Surface tension explodes in liquid refraction today’s last whale jumps through ozone-hazed mirror breaching myopic ceiling suspended in blue gravity acquiescing exhaled prisms under skies. Above whalebone bodice foamy lace lifted rainbows transform become cumulonimbus smearing horizon watermarked veils billowing outside empty windows. Fifteen seconds between constant beats mercury floating bivalve suns crystal tonnage imprisoned […]

Why Copy? (Today’s Thoughts on Plagiarism)

Hmmmm. I have just read a review of a book of poetry and I am deeply saddened at what it revealed.  It seems mighty selfish of some to practice the art of the ‘rip off’ without so much as a tip-of-the hat to the efforts of others. It might have been a line here, and […]