My poetry is a little bit of everything – pieces in various forms from haiku to free verse, rhyming bush poetry to acrostics.  Drawn from my life and world… the domestic, the natural, the urban, the spiritual, what is happening on the news.  sometimes  a response to a place I’ve visited, a book I’ve read,  a piece of art, something someone has said – or my imagination…

Mostly I feel that writing is as a result of a muse who prompts me with crystal clear concepts and ideas – sometimes as little as a phrase or a vague unease that gnaws until I do something about excising the idea by putting it to paper or my laptop.  Often the inspiration originates while I am showering, sometimes while I am driving, invariably when there is either no pen or paper within reach.

Having a ‘muse’ concept for my talent explains why occasionally I felt like a scribe or dream interpreter.  It explains why I thought it important to keep the first roughly scribbled versions that now fill a beige arch lever  folder in a box somewhere in storage.  Initialed and dated. Chronological. Protected in plastic sleeves.  Some retyped.

I still do.

Of late however,  I am enjoying the process of revision and refinement, reconsideration and recreation.  I have transformed from being a solitary writer to having an online presence (initially as ‘Alexandra J Cornwell – Poet’ on Facebook).  Now I am  submitting works to anthologies, contests and on-line collaborative projects, attending poetry readings, participating in a small local writer’s group, doing public readings after a break of 22 years (initially in the relatively secure environment of a poetry group at my first event and the very next week in a public cafe as part of a writer’s festival), and competing in my first poetry slam – what a buzz!

Now a blog!

Maybe I was more like an apprentice in training and have come of age, hit my straps, found my voice…

When asked to select a favourite I am torn… they are like my children… each different and conceived at a special time, then sent out into the world to be shared and interpreted by others, often in ways different to how they came to me.  It is like getting a postcard from a friend who has gone overseas.  I really enjoy getting that feedback.

Please enjoy.

– Alexandra J Cornwell


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