#1:Microwave Lightbulb Envy

The light comes on. It illuminates a silhouette. Ping. Then sounds of plastic wrap and things being moved around. A burp. Then the microwave door closes. Another night-time raid is successful…. The digital clock works but the light has failed. It died some time ago and we couldn’t work out how to get to it […]

Alexandra’s Top 10 Marshmallow Cooking Hints & Tips (for the occassional beach bonfire enthusiasts)

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #1:  Buy good quality marshmallows. Bigger is not necessarily better (although more market testing of different brands may be required to verify this assertion). Marshmallow Cooking Hint #2:  Do not bother doing spearing one at a time. Life is short and the kids will empty the packet before you. Four at a […]