River On Fire (Haiku)

Brown river echoes the war birds’ distant thunder, shadows on water. _____ On Saturday afternoon my daughter and I traveled to Brisbane to see Riverfire – the major concluding event of the city’s annual festival. On the way to an early evening fireworks display I reflected on how the WWI Centenary celebrations have flavoured many […]

Dissatisfaction and the Author

“Everywhere else in the world seems exciting. But I am not famous.” “Yes you are,” she disagrees. A semi-experimental novelist is just a fraction of the world that he exists in. He is relatively famous, within this thinly spread audience. He sips dandelion wine and ponders the marshmallow soles of his sneakers.* If he wanted […]


The little guitarist girl turns her back and jumps a little, jiggling pert bottom towards the audience under the high-top canvas tent. She had raised the hopes of every red blooded male and dashed the dreams of all the single girls, packed as they are like plastic sliced cheese, sweating under ponchos that keep out […]

So I Get Up And Wander Around

Elusive Morphia is running late for this evening’s date. I’ve rolled over and left room for her. She favours others, I fear. My choices waver between soothing my heart with soulful tunes by those who’ve been ‘stood up’ or turning the radio on and listening to rambling interviews. I’ll risk missing her wave tunneling through […]

Captured in the Ironstone’s Orbit (Following The Sun)

Artwork: Alexandra J Cornwell Enigma – The Best Of Enigma (CD 1)  Recommended Tracks:05 – Gravity Of Love (at 18:07) &  Following The Sun (at 45:23). Firebright.  
Angel eyes deftly weave dreamcatchers’ nets across becalmed thought.
  Tethered at sky’s corners, cosmic sailors gather within silken circles.
  Tentatively bright torches swing on parabolic trajectories, slung from fingertips […]

A triptych of 100 words on Moby’s ‘The Perfect Life’ music video

MUSING ON MUSIC VIDEO CASTING One evening there was nothing except the music videos. Maybe it was the first time I’d sat there long enough to appreciate the three or four hours of flickering colour and images before they started repeating themselves. I eventually packed myself of to bed, to sleep with images of black […]

Going Home (Centre of the Sun)

Sunday afternoon drinks the centre of the sun sinks into casuarinas known when the day is nearly done we are going home. Wave-ridden girls saved my inner mother reborn bathed in saltwater spa foam cool air on weekend’s curtain drawn we are going home. Damp towel clings sand on feet where washing brings squeaky thongs […]


I’ve wondered what it would be like to indelibly mark my hide alive with rainbow serpents beneath my skin that colour my day from deep inside. Still my heart resists the needle’s hurt – I’m seeking another kind of high… I’ve wondered what it would be like to pierce through my skin all taut with […]