The little guitarist girl turns her back and jumps a little, jiggling pert bottom towards the audience under the high-top canvas tent. She had raised the hopes of every red blooded male and dashed the dreams of all the single girls, packed as they are like plastic sliced cheese, sweating under ponchos that keep out […]

Captured in the Ironstone’s Orbit (Following The Sun)

Artwork: Alexandra J Cornwell Enigma – The Best Of Enigma (CD 1)  Recommended Tracks:05 – Gravity Of Love (at 18:07) &  Following The Sun (at 45:23). Firebright.  
Angel eyes deftly weave dreamcatchers’ nets across becalmed thought.
  Tethered at sky’s corners, cosmic sailors gather within silken circles.
  Tentatively bright torches swing on parabolic trajectories, slung from fingertips […]


My three year old self wanted to be a flower. Couldn’t my mother, a keen gardener, just plant and water me somewhere with sufficient sunshine? No one explained ‘impossible’. Later I fell under the spell of orchids. Imagination loved the bee, native wasp and ant seduced by appearances, deranged by design and wrapped up in […]