No Name… and Particularly Unnamed


Road to nowhere
Where are you on the map?
Some side street,
Nothing important
The ignominy is to be, but not be named
The lesser evil is to make it official

Even when labelled and thus captured
(And this is no conspiracy!)
My computer recognises your status
Strange alliance

May it be witness protection
Or some other greater good
Where the ones with a conspiracy bent
May gravitate to relocate….
Nowhere in particular

Alexandra J Cornwell

12 September 2015

2018 Update

Byron Shire Council has since named this road Eucalyptus Lane, which I think shows an extraordinary lack of creativity akin to being told ‘applicable’ is NOT applicable as a password.

The Roads and Maratime Services (a NSW government department responsible for roads and other submersible things) is busy constructing a koala-proof fence and grid system to deter an animal that I’ve NEVER seen in that area from straying out of the urban environment of Brunswick Heads’ cafes and Air B’n’Bs or the Bluesfest event site at Tyagarah onto the Pathetic/Pacific Motorway…

Judging by the local wildlife warning signs in town, the humble koala may have to go radical (in a drop bear kinda way) or hitch it’s way out of town.

*Note: the only koala I have EVER seen in Byron Shire was in early August 2015. It was perched about 3 metres up a sapling paperbark in the far corner of the Byron Writers Festival car park at West Byron/Belongil. I remember because I did the tourist-guide thing and pointed the sleepy fellow out to guest author Chigozie Obioma as we were crossing the car park and dodging a pair of nesting plovers – which I assured the then 29 year old Nigerian national and Man Booker Prize nominee were far more dangerous than drop bears. (He had the good sense to look suitably worried, although I think he had been cautioned on Aussie humour by someone else!)

Maybe the RMS hope that the aforementioned koala has passed on some literacy skills to their friends and all will and head down Eucalyptus Lane in the hope that there is more on offer there than paperbacks and the roadside leftovers of free-campers who’ve been chased from the pothole-ravaged beachside car parks?

If I ever see a koala in the area, I’ll mention it here.

I promise!


Alexandra J Cornwell


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