Would one carry luggage
When the porters smile
Disarmingly white-toothed
Because you are their next meal
The roof over wide-eyed children
A calling-in place for global roamers
The café where you drink milk frothed
That has not curdled in distended stomachs
Would one knowingly choose
The life of one over another as though
It were as simple as choosing a meal from a printed menu
When the world’s children never learn to read
And their parents are too tired from illiterate working
To read stories from writers who visit from far-off lands
So distant they would torture children
For merely surviving the boat trip
I choose to open the blue-ringed cages of Manus
and Naru and Christmas Island
where terrible atrocities on human minds
are being perpetrated in some vainglorious attempt
to punish the distant ‘Mr Bigs’
in the human cargo transport industry


A small piece of protest against the Australian Government’s Offshore Detention Policy for refugee asylum seekers who attempt to arrive by boat, particularly in response to the plight of children. Written 20-August-2014 1:16 AM. <AJC>

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