The Fallen Ones

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They lay in the grass looking up. Hands touching hands, as lovers that are about to be. They have come so far to be so close yet the moment passes over them. Stuck to the earth as they gazed into the blue that shields eyes from the distant stars for half our lives, they are facing in the right direction for an open future. Together they fill the void and chase the shadows in each others corners. The grass moves under lightest wind and aeroplanes out of sight cast fast moving shadows.
She closes her eyes and breathes him in.


A note on the photograph. I took this sunset photograph at the end of winter last year.  It was just down the road from my grandparent’s dairy farm at Tyagarah in northern New South Wales. After three generations, the land left the family in the 1960’s economic down turn when dairy farmers across the north coast no longer had an export market in the United Kingdom for butter, and they were too far by rail or road from unsecured metropolitan fresh milk markets. Like many rural valleys in the region, much of the land has since been subdivided into small holdings.  As individual entities, even with correction for inflation, one would no doubt sell for far more than the original one square mile farm was purchased in 1904. Although the old homestead remains, it has been sympathetically extended by the current owners, and is now a listed local heritage item in the local planning controls. <AJC>


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