Dissatisfaction and the Author

“Everywhere else in the world seems exciting. But I am not famous.”
“Yes you are,” she disagrees.
A semi-experimental novelist is just a fraction of the world that he exists in. He is relatively famous, within this thinly spread audience.
He sips dandelion wine and ponders the marshmallow soles of his sneakers.* If he wanted to he could live the fantasy he writes of, but there is no need to trip on the wanton wrapper of drugs in the tube station of gyrating bodies moving to a beat resonating with his heart.
He only has to imagine it and it is.


*A line from Ray Bradbury’s ”Dandelion Wine”.



I wrote this story a couple of weeks ago while listening to a radio interview with someone who’d accidentally met the late Ray Bradbury at a party in New York. I was looking for the right photograph to illustrate it. I knew I had taken one yesterday when I got a shot of Richard Clapton in writer mode, i.e. NOT wearing his trademark sunglasses!


My photo of Richard Clapton aging appropriately for a venerated Aussie musician (with a glass of beer at hand and wearing his uniform of black T-shirt) in discussion with  Simon Marnie at the Byron Bay Writers Festival 2-August-2014.

Richard Clapton – legendary performer and songwriter of many iconic Australian hit songs: Deep Water, The Best Years of Our Lives, Goodbye Tiger, Glory Road, Lucky Country, I Am an Island, Trust Somebody, Capricorn Dancer and Girls on the Avenue.  He also produced the second INXS album, Underneath the Colours (1981), which included the first two hit singles that launched the band’s rise to international fame. To date Clapton has released eighteen albums, many of which have achieved gold or platinum status.  Described as one of the most important Australian songwriters Clapton was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame in 1999. Celebrating 40 years in the music industry this year, Clapton discussed his memoir, the appropriately named The Best Years of Our Lives which is being published this month.

Link to Richard Clapton performing Best Years Of Our Lives



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