SUDDEN-NESS (a poem)

awakened from reading
a list of names sieved
a summary of lives lived
above-ness finds mind circling
and the indent of resting forms
scattered and prone beneath flying skies
claim an earthly response
asking for the return
of all lost and broken

newsfeeds roll on
my friends and children traveling
my wishing them safe journeying
longing-ness lifted once contact is broken
when the last runway has left your wheels
undercarriage retracting into silver belly
wonder at how the world looks
patched and torn
as you descend

where the news breaks
our tidalwaves of comprehension
our shocked memory in dissension
sudden-ness replayed over time zones
bureaucracy calls and knock at front doors
of people until then largely unconnected
linked in sorrowed grieving
on this shaken sphere
we temporarily call

Alexandra J Cornwell



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