The Sky Above, The Land Below

Keel high, our hull scrapes at the edges of the curtained sky. Barnacles ask why they’re in the spotlight. I sigh, put my back into spinnaker hoisting and know I will feel strained muscles tomorrow. Sweeping the ocean’s bed clean, cloud puffed sheets fall like parachutes and land dream-ridden on a pointed toe. Tiller firm, […]

Bottlebrush Dancer (tanka)

  tango flower spirit dressed for night in red allure web-woven velvet skirted softness suspended lantern sways invitingly ___________ Bottlebrush Dancer is a variation from my usual haiku with a 31 syllable tanka (5-7-5-7-7) exploring personification of a bottle brush flower. The photograph captures just one flower that was hanging over our neighbour’s fence with […]


We’re small people going on an excursion with our teacher. A school day but off the school grounds. We are to walk in formation. The arrangement transforms us externally. Makes us safer. To those within it is something else. “Everybody in lines. Girls, line up behind Amelia. Boys there, behind Tonto. Good. Off we go […]


The frame reverberates with the combined shudder of a closing door and the suck of negative air pressure.After your grand leaving gesture I am left standing in the void.My heart crouches, small and wary. I gather the loose ends of my psyche, unraveling as it was in a need to curl up on the floor […]


Barrels of wine and olive oil, first pressed from dry topsoil where sheep with Jason’s pelt roamed. Brick and tile shoulder aside timber and corrugated iron. In paddocks lined with dust laden fence lines, shafts to long gone mines collapse to blue sky surprise. Red brick chimneys embracing empty hearths, sundials to temporary history under […]


Barley stored in breweries attracted pests.One cat was kept specifically to rid the property of vermin. Widget’s Brewery cat was ‘Caesar’. Over time various cats came and went. No matter what the cat’s sex, the name stayed the same. Upon a vacancy, only consistent mousers were invited to apply. An essential piece of brewery equipment, […]

I Spy With My Digital Eye: Which Way Is Up?

Pylon of heartwood with braced thighs submerged twice a day.Uncapped head weathered by fifty summers of storms and blazing radiation, a horizontal dartboard for perched seagulls.Smattering of scalpels for slicing water-softened feet for sacrifice to the purple-lipped cream of oyster-shell. Delicate morsels plated in sharp-edged crockery.Cloaked rocks quarried from country piled around a pylon that […]

Heritage Gas Demise in Haiku

  Sperm whale deaths lit lamps ’til Newcastle coal brought heat Cook with Gas in brick Vertical retort Rezone demolish hot air Developer’s breath

Brittle Heart

Lost. One heart. Slightly damaged.Reward for safe return. “It’s been months and no enquiries?”“Hmm… I’m not seeing any matches.” “Are you the owner?” I hesitate to ask.She shrugs. Noncommittal. “You say it followed you home…”“Can I keep it?” “It’s a bit chipped. Inferior quality. Signs of wear.Ten bucks. It’s my best offer.” Won’t own up […]