Captured in the Ironstone’s Orbit (Following The Sun)

Captured In The Ironstone's Orbit

Artwork: Alexandra J Cornwell

Enigma – The Best Of Enigma (CD 1)
 Recommended Tracks:05 – Gravity Of Love (at 18:07) &  Following The Sun (at 45:23).

Angel eyes deftly weave dreamcatchers’ nets across becalmed thought.
  Tethered at sky’s corners, cosmic sailors gather within silken circles.
  Tentatively bright torches swing on parabolic trajectories, slung from fingertips at outstretched arm’s end.
  Ancient eyes surround and watch as delicious flames ignite.
  See psychic lust graven as greed, signposted between cats cradled stars.
  Sparkle within, little one, with breath alive.
  Hold the flicker, cold one, close to your ear.
  Hear the ocean of time slap waves upon shore’s end.   Luminesce the night.  
Inhale star’s dust and cast millennia as magic upon time’s way.
  Orbits, as steady as heartbeats, sing.


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