A girl’s dying wish has been granted. A thousand cranes fly in formation. Their wings rustling in the air. Paper squares into myth, transformed. The ‘Enola Gay’, sleek in riveted metal incubates the egg that will hatch infernal. The aircraft is the stork of doom, the layer of a nuclear answer. It is no bringer […]


The wrapped gift sits alone under the plastic tree. Lights that should festoon the night hang dull and dust encrusted. The cord that once connected to the power socket is unplugged. The door stands open and snowflakes drift in eddies into the cold hearth. The capsule that holds the memory in my child’s pale hands […]


Clutching the book to her heaving chest, Arabella ran into the garden. Delight was written on her face in anticipation of the shower of words that would cascade from her learned lover’s tongue. He sat alone, a dark figure, remote in contemplation. She knelt at his feet. A supplicant presenting a treasure. The book, bound […]


The girl bit into the apple’s crisp flesh.  Juices flowed down her chin. The bee, attracted by her sweetness gifted her a seed, promise of a future generation. Wrapped as a present, it was opened immediately and the treasure became her life’s work. She tended her garden. Thriving under good skies it soon filled with knowledge […]


She anticipates receiving the menu like a gymnast does the other uneven bar. Knowing the waiter will place it into her hand before pouring water, but only after proffering the napkin. “Striped snake for curing gland disease, nervous breakdowns and generally improves health,” says a placard on the wall, while another sign highly recommends the minced […]

Stolen Honey In The Cemetery

I couldn’t leave you in peace, lying prone in the graveyard, covered in leaves, silent and alone. Jettisoned plastic flowers made a bridal bouquet. Touching edgy letters in granite and lichen etched marble had me humming tunes from stage musicals. The angels looking down drew the short straw. Posing beatifically all day is a drag. […]

Captured in the Ironstone’s Orbit (Following The Sun)

Artwork: Alexandra J Cornwell Enigma – The Best Of Enigma (CD 1)  Recommended Tracks:05 – Gravity Of Love (at 18:07) &  Following The Sun (at 45:23). Firebright.  
Angel eyes deftly weave dreamcatchers’ nets across becalmed thought.
  Tethered at sky’s corners, cosmic sailors gather within silken circles.
  Tentatively bright torches swing on parabolic trajectories, slung from fingertips […]

A Coloured Glass View Of My Grandfather

Descended from opportunist graziers that rode the plains. From the sheep’s back three generations carved up paddocks between dust and drought. His grandfather built the house from bricks handmade on the property. Dug from the clay that coloured skies and muddied reflections of dying stock. Wrought iron lace. A sniper’s gunfire in France killed his […]


The ripe flesh of fruit in the bowl assaults her morning sensibilities. How can the day be so orange and festive when all she feels is nausea and turmoil. Grey light and the microwave beeps its warning that the cup of caffeine has been reheated enough to not scald the lining of her mouth once […]