Most residents develop an unhealthy intolerance to the town’s dusty speed limit. By day dogs roam town limits until they stagger through the door, having come within inches of catching ‘wheels disease’. The night’s cats, feral and suburban, are contained in cages where they defend a ton of spite with tense claws.
Euthanasia is the town’s addiction. The merciful ‘green dream’ is dispensed by the gallon.
Although everyone eventually leaves, some are replaced.
The receptionist advises the new vet’s name is Miles. He’ll soon fit in, because like other things in Widget, he has not yet been standardized to metric.


I don’t want you getting the idea that life in Widget is all comfort and bucolic romance! This 100-word piece is something that touches on the dark side of my fictional ‘Widget’ – the town that animals don’t feel comfortable remaining in.  It was also an exercise in fitting commonly used imperial terms within our metric existence (Australia has been that way since 1966 with the currency and since 1973 in terms of metric measurements)…  The germ of the story was the last line, which was a comment a friend made about meeting a vet called Miles.



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