Time had forgotten the scrap of paper once jammed under a board in the timber wall where tongue and grove didn’t quite meet.
His tin mining grandfather lived here, where the wind whipped up the hillside in haste.
Dwellings once huddled close to the colliery, perched as twilight swallows in the flame trees above the mountain road.
They’d dug in and built a thriving community with a bakery and butcher.
Two of the original cottages remain on the ridge, leaning towards the road to the cemetery.
Here above ground walked as a child, he absorbs his grandmother’s echoing love letter.


Welcome to Widget! It is the imaginary setting for a series of 100 word themed stories that I plan to intersperse with my other writing and photography at The Drabble Writer’s Table.

Widget is populated with various characters whose boundaries explore the permeability of time in the context of a small country town in Australia.

Writing about Widget is an exercise in exploring the landscape of life lived, memory, wonder at the complexity of nature and the humor that a community of country people use to combat hard times and celebrate the good times.

If you would like, please feel free to share what visiting Widget through these stories evokes for you. <AJC.


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