Norbert Witte’s ‘Spreepark’, Berlin.


Caught behind Berlin’s wall, gangsters and carnies with bloodlines of lion tamers and continental gypsies created an island of funfair escapism.

The wheel provided tantalizing glimpses westward over the dividing wall.

Showman Norbert married the daughter of the dodgem cars while the Stasi overlooked radicalism under the wheel. The rollercoaster creaked terrifyingly.

Eventually the wall came down and a drab park went bad.  Sold out to Peruvian drug lords, the flying carpet ride was caught transporting collateral for a magic bailout.

The spaceship woman suggests walking between the overgrown rides and toppled dinosaurs.
Past the collapsed iron curtain, nature reclaims.



Have you ever thought that derelict places hold a special resonance from their previous days?  I heard about this place on a radio program and then had a look online. What history!


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