Resisting The Flow (from the “NUTS!” collection)

Rail travel on the great northern line has its traditions and hazards.

You must be early in order to avoid hordes of elderly passengers in shiny white polyester pantsuits dragging their bony arses through the buffet car.

Having made selections from the wine list, those of us who hover there do wonder what attracts them, like bees, to the carriage where music from the seventies and eighties features in continual audio-loop.

“Queen” perhaps?

This tinny PA system announcement to ‘mind your step’ was one that I promptly forgot as I stood my ground against the flow of mothball-seeking white butterflies.


Author’s Notes: The working title was “Swimming Upstream Against Aged Polyester”, however the mixed metaphors of fish and bees had me concentrating on the insect kingdom and mothballs seemed to fit better with the age traveller theme and the white polyester images.


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