Imaginary Train Travel on the Northern Line (from the “NUTS!” collection)

We were on one of those efficient, high-speed trains from Sydney to Byron Bay to attend the inaugural ‘Festival of the Unenlightened’. We’d stopped to let passengers embark at Coffs Harbour.
It should be noted that no one in their right mind actually ‘gets off’ at Coffs Harbour. Who would?
The private-sector owners retain this stop as an homage to tradition.
Being a short platform with a lot of people electing to travel first class, the long train has to do this in two shifts. Sometimes it takes three goes to get everyone aboard.
Most festival attendees don’t really mind.


Author Notes: This was the first of a series of (initially seven) 100-word drabbles I’ve collected under the title of “NUTS!” Credit for the group title goes to Marilyn Arthur, one of my Bangalow Writer’s Group colleagues at last month’s workshop reading.

The series started out as a fun response to one of my Facebook acquaintance’s calls in  the previous month to make up a story (or “lie”) about how we had met.

Lie! Of course! What a great prompt for a creative writing exercise! more so an opportunity to explore how to write microfiction that can be read as ‘stand alone’ pieces as well as a loose group.

“Imaginary Train Travel on the Northern Line’ was the result of a recent Countrylink train trip from Sydney to my home on the NSW North Coast. I really missed the old North Coast trains that no longer servicing the near-coastal towns from Lismore to Murwillumbah.  Instead it was travel by coach for the last two hours which added to the length of a day already lengthened by the antics of school-holiday traveling children. Even in first-class!

Please enjoy the train and bar themed microfiction that follows and let me know how “Nuts!” reads as a group.


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