Happy Valley (from the “NUTS!” collection)

Forgetting used to be such a happy pastime for me.

It probably had something to do with the night out at the Taxi Club in Kings Cross the night before, and the resultant thirst for caffeine and those hot buttery scones they serve up as ‘Nimbin-special Devonshire Teas’ that make late-arriving pensioners fight like cats for the last ones.

You have to get them while they’re hot or else the cream on top doesn’t melt and slide off all over one’s chin.

After half an hour the place is humming and most of them have forgotten to take their pills.


Author’s Note: Unfortunately the Taxi Club in Kings Cross, Sydney is no more. The steep stairs would have precluded anyone with mobility issues and probably caused a number of hospital visits after a less than graceful exit.
Nimbin is a village in the hinterland of the northern rivers region of northeastern New South Wales. It is internationally renowned for it’s ‘alternative’ lifestyle.  It is not on a train line. Although accidental manifestations of herbs in office  morning teas has been known to occur in the region, I cannot say that I have ever heard of public transport patrons being offered ‘special’ scones as part of the buffet car menu. It would serve to improve the popularity of public transport.


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