Surface tension explodes in liquid refraction today’s last whale jumps through ozone-hazed mirror breaching myopic ceiling suspended in blue gravity acquiescing exhaled prisms under skies. Above whalebone bodice foamy lace lifted rainbows transform become cumulonimbus smearing horizon watermarked veils billowing outside empty windows. Fifteen seconds between constant beats mercury floating bivalve suns crystal tonnage imprisoned […]

Why Copy? (Today’s Thoughts on Plagiarism)

Hmmmm. I have just read a review of a book of poetry and I am deeply saddened at what it revealed.  It seems mighty selfish of some to practice the art of the ‘rip off’ without so much as a tip-of-the hat to the efforts of others. It might have been a line here, and […]


A BLUE PERSPECTIVE She’s lost him. Somewhere in the whitewash, or the trough between crests. Standing on the point she squints into the sun, one hand holding her wind-swept tresses and the other her board. She’s worked hard all summer in a sweltering cafe to pay it off. Now she takes it whenever she wants […]