Wanted: Old Brass Objects and CDs

The advert slipped into friends’ in-boxes and was multiplied.  Networks powered the finding.  Compact disks and brass objects destined for the back of the cupboard or second-hand stores were redirected.

They gathered on the coast in her studio where the plumbers copper pipes awaited their elevation.

Irrelevant information.



Suzi played the music discs while she assembled.  Stacked computer pancakes topped with brass objects from other foundries, another time.

My mother threatens to leave me the family brass.  Something about cleaning it.
Living on the coast makes it tarnish.

My solution: tea light candles and mosquito-coil holders.

Practical art.


After visiting the Swell Sculpture Festival 2013 at Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast yesterday and reviewing the photographs taken before my Nikon’s battery died a temporary death, due entirely to my lack of recharger attention, I posted what I thought was my best photography of the day: https://squeakythongs.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/death-by-fluro-at-sunset/

I think it is a nice shot – and I didn’t play with the colour either – just upped the contrast, brightness and saturation a little.  Then I felt I could not write anything that would match what I saw in that photograph’s beauty and simplicity…

I then turned to my next favourite shot – the brass Turkish coffee pot with my reflection (yes I was the one walking around with a big plastic Union Jack bag that a pen pal had sent me years ago and which my mother had previously appropriated as her beach bag… I was probably ready for a coffee about the time that I focused in on the coffee pot as a detail of the larger “Irrelevant Information” installation.

Earlier today I left a constructive comment under Nadia McDougall’s photograph on https://www.facebook.com/swellsculpture:

Enjoyed this one – and would love to see some tea light candles in them – or mozzie coils for the great Australian summer evenings!

While doing some post-visit online research this morning (Sunday mornings are for lying in bed listening to information from the audio walking tour by the ABC http://www.abc.net.au/local/audio/2013/09

  I decided that I could work with that.  My domestic environment presently contains an OCD cleaner in the form of my mother, whose cleaning gene (if it is indeed genetic) has apparently skipped a generation, leaving a constant Sword of Damacles-like threat that my inheritance will either be nothing or the fine collection of brass that apparently requires regular cleaning. Particularly when one lives near the tarnish-inducing coast.

I did enough brass-buffing in my youth, back when I was a good Girl Guide and badge cleaning was thought to impart discipline and good order in the housework department.  I got my badge… and grew up.

Now I’d rather go to a sculpture exhibition at the beach.  Wouldn’t you?

Saturday 21-September-2013 Update: I revisited the SWELL Sculpture Festival on Thursday night with a friend for the purpose of experiencing the beachside exhibition by the full moon that was rising over the Pacific Ocean.  Standing near the “Irrelevant Information” installation, I mentioned to my friend that this was my favourite one, and that I’d written a short piece in response to it with a link to the SWELL facebook page, and that the organisers had responded with an offer to pass the link onto to the artist. The next thing I hear is “I’m the artist!” And THAT is how Suzi and I met – under the pandanus on Currumbin Beach the full moon igniting “Irrelevant Information” in silvery light…

"Irrelevant Information" by full moon and coloured LED lights.

“Irrelevant Information” by full moon and coloured LED lights.

Alexandra (author) & Suzi (artist) in front of Suzi's sculptural installation "Irrelevant Information" at the SWELL Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach, 19 September 2013.

Alexandra (author) & Suzi (artist) in front of Suzi’s sculptural installation “Irrelevant Information” at the SWELL Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach, 19 September 2013.


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