Going Home (Centre of the Sun)

Sunday afternoon drinks the centre of the sun sinks into casuarinas known when the day is nearly done we are going home. Wave-ridden girls saved my inner mother reborn bathed in saltwater spa foam cool air on weekend’s curtain drawn we are going home. Damp towel clings sand on feet where washing brings squeaky thongs […]

Wanted: Old Brass Objects and CDs

The advert slipped into friends’ in-boxes and was multiplied.  Networks powered the finding.  Compact disks and brass objects destined for the back of the cupboard or second-hand stores were redirected. They gathered on the coast in her studio where the plumbers copper pipes awaited their elevation. Irrelevant information. Transformation. Reclamation. Suzi played the music discs […]


Did the cold western winds blow me your name a late winter’s chill across my silvered mane? A memory that caresses the faintest fracture line that once limped its orbit around my slender spine, where footsore foreign soldiers hobbled across the fronts of small squares cobbled. Remember when you captured my heart lured with words […]


Monday morning is here and I’m off to my small business course. What a weekend though! I received a call late Friday afternoon offering me a casual, one-day job on Satuday replacing a late cancellation as a polling official for a local booth in the Australian Federal election. With a 7:30am starting time, and a […]