Alexandra’s Top 10 Marshmallow Cooking Hints & Tips (for the occassional beach bonfire enthusiasts)

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #1:  Buy good quality marshmallows. Bigger is not necessarily better (although more market testing of different brands may be required to verify this assertion).

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #2:  Do not bother doing spearing one at a time. Life is short and the kids will empty the packet before you. Four at a time is a good number.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #3:  Build up a good fire then let it die down to coals – otherwise your marshmallows will get too black. You want gooey on the inside and a slight crust on the outside.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #4:  Obtain the slightly longer kebab sticks and keep together with an elastic band so you don’t lose them in the dark when they pierce the bottom of the plastic shopping bag you carried all your stuff to the beach in.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #5:  Regarding the use of kebab sticks. This is much more dignified than sharpening a stake at the fireside, especially when you didn’t bring your Swiss Army Knife.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #6:  Regarding the use of other utensils, you remembered why you didn’t bring your Swiss Army Knife – most red wine bottles these days have screw tops.


Marshmallow Cooking Hint #7: If you remembered to bring your thermos or travel mug, you won’t need sugar in your tea/coffee. There will be enough on your teeth, on your face, on the kebab stick, in your hair, or your children’s hair to make up for leaving the sugar sachet at home. Stir carefully.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #8:  If you are unsure whether sitting close to a beach fire will make your nail polish melt or spontaneously combust (the thought crossed my mind), stick your kebab sticks in the sand and rotate once when they start to look a bit melted i.e. saggy on one side.  Saggy on one side is also how your butt will feel if you forget to bring the camp chair and you are unaccustomed to sitting on the sand or if you stand too close to the fire warming your backside for any length of time.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #9:  Stuff the diet. Whipped cream goes well with melted marshmallows.

Marshmallow Cooking Hint #10:  Walk to the beach. Take a chair. Take extra water (small bottles of water can double for hand weights). Put the fire out with sand scooped up in the cardboard box you thought you might need as a fire starter but ended up putting your ripped up plastic shopping bag inside so the water bottles and whipped cream didn’t fall through in an attempt to follow the kebab sticks’ escape plan). Walk home. Carry your child’s chair home too. Take your rubbish with you. If that doesn’t burn off the calories you just consumed on the end of a stick, at least you’ll feel better about the walk and helping to keep the beach clean.

Mmm… melted marshmallows!


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