Writers, Writers… Everywhere

I think I have become a Writers’ Festival volunteer convert!  Listening to Peter Carey in conversation with Matthew Condon was my first session on Friday…


One of only four authors who have won the Booker Prize twice – Peter Carey (and author of one of my favourite novels “Oscar and Lucinda”) in conversation with Matthew Condon.



Chris Hanley and DBC Pierre in conversation.

…followed up by escorting Ross Coultard and Peter FitzSimons to the book signing tent… DSC_3513


Lucky Oceans, Paul Kelly & Archie Roach on the collaborative process.

before collecting DBC Pierre and Chris Hanley from the Green Room where I had a chat with Paul Kelly (he remembered the brothers of a colleague of mine from by University of WA days in the early 1990s who used to call out “Taxi!” in the quiet part of a particular song whenever they were in the audience – just to let him know they were there) …  to meeting Catherine Deveney, Tom Doig (author of the Mongolian misadventure travelogue ‘Moron to Moron’), Elizabeth Farrelly, the author of ‘Almost French’ Sarah Turnbull and her family . DSC_3529Hard to believe that was just the first day!


3 thoughts on “Writers, Writers… Everywhere

    • Sarah was lovely. Her husband and son came along to the festival with her, though they are Sydney-based now, and Frederic is taking his turn at having the expat.experience. Much of her discussion is similar to this article http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/books/au-revoir-paris-20130509-2j8mu.html.

      Sarah also told a lovely story about Frederic’s brush with fame when he was on a Sydney bus on his way to work and sitting next to a lady who was reading ‘Almost French’ on her Kindle for her studies. He noticed a couple of names on the device including his own and Sarah’s dog Maddie, asked her what she was reading and got talking to her about the book before confessing that he was ‘Fred’ – THE Fred that she was reading about. The lady mustn’t have believed him and Sarah laughingly portrayed her visuals of Fred’s intent in trying to convince this lady and after she got off the bus, imagines that the poor woman probably felt relieved to have escaped from some mad Frenchman on the bus who reckoned he was in the book she was reading!

      ‘All Good Things’ sounds like a much more personal journey through life in paradise while striving for a child through IVF treatment. Something to add to the top of my ever-expanding reading list!


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