Callout for Byron Shire (NSW Australia) Resident Authors

Hello fellow Byron Shire writers,

Have you ever wanted to be a Cafe Poet but don’t want to be there all day reading your poetry to an audience?
Or have your wanted to have your work included on a blog or website for free?
Do you have a website where some of your work is available for anyone to search but you are not getting much traffic being directed there through search engines?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – here is a proposal – AND it will not cost you a thing!

I have put together the following Blog page for promoting your short written work to the cafe & restaurant diners in the Byron Shire towns outside Byron Bay.

I will upload your work AND make a QR Code for the link to the page that your work appears on.
These QR Codes look like black and white pixel squares and you can see them on a lot of documents, posters, in magazines and even printed on business cards and T-shirts.

What do QR Codes do?
QR Codes – or Quick Response Codes – permit people with smart mobile phones to download a free application (app) that will let the phone scan the information embedded in the code and convert that to something they can read.  If they are connected to the internet they can read what is on the link on their phone.
I will be doing URL links (the web page address) as a QR Code and distributing it to participating cafes etc so that their customer (your reader) is directed to a place where the number of visitors and likes and feedback comments can be recorded.

I will collate this information at the end of the month and feed that back to the contributing authors and hosting cafes & restaurants.

I look at it value-adding the customer’s experience at no real cost to you, and promoting your work to a new audience.
I’ll wear the printing & photocopying costs – and any contribution for laminating would be appreciated. [Next year there will be a small entry charge to produce a business card type printout that customers can take away with them or be included in each room for participating accommodation providers.]

For the purposes of this project I will not be approaching businesses in Byron Bay itself (on the basis that there will be plenty of coverage and benefit with the Writers Festival this weekend).

However if you have a particular affiliation with a cafe or restaurant I am happy to distribute the QR Code link for your work to them if you can let me know who to talk to there.  I am in Ballina doing a small business course on Mondays & Tuesdays between 9am & 3pm so will not be answering phone or emails at those times, but will get back to any enquiries as soon as i can.

Send me a SMS to my mobile if it is urgent!

If you want to have 1-3 pieces of work (poems, short stories up to 500 words or extracts of longer pieces to that length) on this page: Link to Welcome Page – Byron Shire Cafe Poets Project

  • Email me your copy in the body of an email or as a Word.doc attachment (if you have specific formatting I can cut and past that from Word directly to the page);
  • Include your name as you want it to appear and the town/locality where you live; and
  • Include some other details like web site of your writing blog, if the pieces have been awarded prizes, if it has been previously published elsewhere (include references eg first published in the publication name and date)  etc.

I am looking specifically for pieces about Byron Shire – living here, the places, the experiences, the people, your thoughts but am open to whatever.

I have put a piece of my own poetry (3 haiku) and 3×100-word ‘drabbles’ up, and one of Jack Bird’s beautifully written poems ‘Brunswick Heads Revisited’ as examples.

Thanks and I hope to see some of you at the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival this weekend.

Alexandra Williams
0439 304 911


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