You’re moving your toes through the cold sand. It’s late and the night is on your tongue. The dream author pulls a cigarette and lights up. What happens next? [from a 14 July 2013 Facebook post by the Byron Bay Writers Festival]

She sauntered across the chopped-up beach to where I’d laid down to watch the stars overhead. The tide was just turning and hadn’t commenced its cleansing sweep.
After a hefty silence while she expertly pulled lungfuls of nicotine-laced ozone between blood-red lips, I offered a lame-sounding “Evening.”
She looked around nonchalantly, sighed and ground the lipstick-branded butt under her heel.
“Can never find a bloody ashtray in this hippie town when you need one…”
“Right,” was all I could manage as she wandered back up the track over the silvery dune towards the sounds of my party.
Must buy ashtrays.



    • Have you seen the program? Lots of interesting events including some free ones. I’m volunteering in the ticketing office and the Macquarie Marquee – so hoping to meet lots of people at what has become Australia’s second-largest (after the Sydney Writer’s Festival)!


      • Oh wow that is awesome! No haven’t looked at the program this year to be honest. I don’t really have the spare cash to spend on the tkts but I might have a little peek. If not this year I think probably next year.


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