“Having learnt my lesson the hard way – 30 hours of agonizing labour — the only natural thing about my second birth is that I didn’t get time to bikini wax first.”
Kathy Lette, on her advice for Kate re  the impending British Royal birth, 17 July 2013

It made me think of what Pip Middleton was famous for not wearing to her sister’s wedding…

The pregnant woman’s disregard to the maintenance of terrain below the bellybutton reminds me of my then-single girlfriend (two hours drive away) who promised to help at the birth of my first child.
When I rang to advise my labour had started I asked if she could bring some spare batteries for the camera and her swimmers if she wanted to help in the bath.  She said she’d be there, just as soon as she’d ‘done’ her bikini area…!
I said something like “What for?  The doctor’s not going to be looking at you!”
Her reply: “Well, you never know!”


Note: ‘swimmers’ refers to swimming costume, either one-piece or bikini.



  1. lol I was most proud of myself that i’d remembered to sort this out before hospital. I’d done such a good job that when the midwife went to shave me before my emergency ceasar she went “Oh we don’t need to even worry” and I remember feeling so pleased. lol Delirious and exhausted but very pleased I’d done a good job keeping that area nice and trim. hehe


      • I cannot work out if it was a seasonal influence or the ‘reality is setting in’ factor re even shaving my legs for the second one. all that i can recall 11 years later is that it was a frosty mid-winter pre-dawn in the NSW Southern Highlands for #2 child’s arrival compared to the swelteringly humid summer that is mid-February on the NSW North Coast for #1. I do remember getting into the shower and washing my hair and shaving my legs – between contractions – before even having some breakfast and setting off for the half-hour drive to the hospital. It might also have been the last time the combined ‘nesting / depilatory hormone’ kicked in!


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