What Happens When Dating a Consulting Engineer!

If dating civil engineering hydrology consultants, expect your ‘together-time’ will be structured somewhat differently. Weekday weather often delays fieldwork, so weekend dates are around catch-up work. I have measured drainage tunnels under major arterial roads before being taken out to lunch, and looked at flood evacuation routes on the way to dinner. My first time as survey assistant (‘holding the pole’) was spent in the paddock of a ‘tourist’ farm. I later recognized it on a popular televised cooking show by exclaiming: “I was a survey-virgin until we did that top paddock!” I think he was impressed by my excitement.


I entered a competition recently that called for writing up to 100 words about someone who is in business for themselves and doesn’t ‘turn off’ from their work. Even if I don’t win, it got the creative juices going and came up with most of a ‘drabble’ anyway! Note: There is some literary licence involved here – and all parties shall remain anonymous.

Photograph: Surveying a proposed water pipeline route along the Castlereagh Highway south of Gulgong, NSW Australia. Great winery country!Image

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