Syria, Iran, Snowden (Carpe diem, Verax!)


Opinion: Charles (Schumer) objects to Putin’s eye-poking over Syria, Iran and Snowden!

If one is going to be on a NSA watch list somewhere it may as well be for poetry and in solidarity with other newsworthy rebels!

Monday morning deserves a laugh here in midwinter Australia.  So here’s my shout-out for the reaction of the US Congressman prefect Charles ‘Chuck’  Schumer to the travel itinerary of Snowden flying Aeroflot legally out of Hong Kong to Moscow yesterday.  It was such a priceless dummy spit about Putin’s hand being in it (literally) that I wrote this piece after listening to ABC National Radio’s 7:00am newscast – all before I got out of bed!


Prefect Chuck is outraged
And makes a school ground plea
To the waiting pack outside the gate,
Where pencils were sharpened
By the excitement of unfolding news
His secret-gathering contracted nerd,
The one who turned, went rogue,
And sold out the gang to the Board of Education
By broadcast announcement on the home PA system
Laid low a week in some school’s locker room
Dodged a beating from his own
When even his father wants him to come home
And face the music, he’s scented freedom
Flown the coop and gone truant
Carpe diem
Got out the gate and took a taxi across town
To a temporary reprieve
In foreign corridors outside the Rusky school
On the way to a warmer place
With a ‘good-sports’ scholarship
After revealing how the largest gang
While working for the dark man at the top
(the one who has remote control vision
of the goings-on in other suburbs)
Had tapped the teacher’s phones
And hacked the main email server.
With outraged accusations flying
In the wake of bungled transfer papers
Measured inter-school diplomacy
Descends to accusations
That Principal Putin is poking you,
In the eye.

© Alexandra J Cornwell 2013

Thank you to US Democrat Senator Charles Ellis ‘Chuck’ Schumer for giving me this to work with this morning! Priceless!

Note: in preparation for posting this on my blog, I had a moment of curiosity re which news service broke the news the earliest (and I give it to the BBC’s Hong Kong desk with based on my unrigourous analysis of the top 10 links on my Google search for ‘Snowden Moscow’).  It was there that I read that Snowden used the name Verax (Latin for speaking the truth) in his correspondence with the Washington Post.  I don’t know what made me insert the words Carpe diem except that I had a momentary flashback to a scene in the movie Dead Poets Society.  Maybe it was because the night before I’d revisited a poem I’d written about the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s bones being exhumed. Here’s to the nights of midyear solstice supermoons and hoping it is not an omen… Carpe diem, Verax!


2 thoughts on “Syria, Iran, Snowden (Carpe diem, Verax!)

    • Thanks Bette. I think it might open up a whole new airline route via countries without straightforward US extradition arrangements. For those who’ve always wanted to see Equador via Havana, Moscow & Hong Kong – take the great whistleblower’s line (just mind you don’t stopover in Sweden or London on your way!)


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