What Happens When Dating a Consulting Engineer!

If dating civil engineering hydrology consultants, expect your ‘together-time’ will be structured somewhat differently. Weekday weather often delays fieldwork, so weekend dates are around catch-up work. I have measured drainage tunnels under major arterial roads before being taken out to lunch, and looked at flood evacuation routes on the way to dinner. My first time […]


Taken home from indoor bowling She sets him tasks that need a man’s touch Resetting the washers in the taps And takes him baked custard for desserts Tut-tutting his diabetic diet He lets her bring the water pressure cleaner And he gets to on cleaning his driveway While she bleaches his vertical blinds He brings […]


Under southern skies Rainbow children scatter tears Go in peace, great man _______________ I finished writing this haiku at 6:55pm on Thursday evening, 27-June-2013 after hearing the news reports that Nelson Mandela was on life support and no longer breathing for himself. From the outset I gave this haiku the same name as the ones […]


Old Fred shuffles down the hall, his slippers scuffing audibly. He’d been in bed, but like most nights, he liked to get up and walk.  He’d head away from the nurses’ station.  If he didn’t find them first, they’d hear his distinctive shuffle and arrive to guide him back to his bed, tucking him in. […]

Syria, Iran, Snowden (Carpe diem, Verax!)

Schumer_On_Putin-poking-eyes(1_and_2_mins_in) Opinion: Charles (Schumer) objects to Putin’s eye-poking over Syria, Iran and Snowden! If one is going to be on a NSA watch list somewhere it may as well be for poetry and in solidarity with other newsworthy rebels! Monday morning deserves a laugh here in midwinter Australia.  So here’s my shout-out for the reaction […]


Forby’s Scottish accent is drowned by the tuberculosis death rattle consuming his breath.  Sailing the world he has prepared unfamiliar poultry for Banks’ sketches, the officers’ pot, Tahitian women and Venus’ successful transit.  From a hammock slung aboard HMS Endeavour he dreams of northern crofts. Death visits terra nullius, the great southern land.  She drifts […]

Τhe chair of the shepherds

Τhe chair of the shepherds. THE SHEPHERD’S CHAIR (a virtual response) The shepherd’s chair invites a wanderer’s meditation words from afar whispered in the air communing across electronic creation minding a global flock busy in their secure protection the poet philosopher partakes bread thoughts dipped in golden oil while sharing words to nourish souls who […]

COFFEE FOR ONE (28-May-2013 continued)

The man who had walked by when I started drinking my latte returns. Grinning cheekily, and with a bounce in his stride, he says “You know, when I walked by earlier and you were just having your first sip, I could see the smile light up your face.” “You were appreciating it for me?!” I […]