Chinese Tourist Damages 3000-Year-Old Temple in Luxor

Coincidentally, given the theme of my last post (‘Art’ vs. ‘Graffiti’), the whole conversation around the actions of a Chinese student on an ancient Egyptian monument has my interest.
There are lots of values coming out in the commentary: from racism and suggestions of corporal punishment; the balance of tourism advantages and risks; the sensitivities of religious practices vs. displaying the remains of other humans (even if they’re long dead); the rise of China’s purchasing power in the tourism market coupled with the need for education and respect for other cultures being lost in the knee-jerk reactions.
All quite fascinating.  – Alexandra

Egyptian Streets

A Chinese tourist damaged a 3,000-year-old site in Luxor causing outrage in China and Egypt after photographs taken by an embarrassed Chinese tourist were publicly shared on Chinese social media.

The tourist carved “Ding Jinhao was here,” while visiting Luxor in Egypt. Chinese social media and newspapers were quick to condemn and identify the offender, and the incident has attracted widespread criticism in China with headlines such as “China’s Tourist Shame.” The vandalist has reportedly been identified by Chinese internet users as a 15-year-old  middle-school student from Nanjing.

Shortly after the outrage, Ding Jinhao’s parents issued a statement to Chinese media.

“We want to apologize to the people of Egypt and to people across China,” said Ding’s mother.

According to Chinese bloggers, several tourists attempted to remove the markings themselves, resulting in the white smudge that appears in the photograph above.

In recent statements to the media, The Ministry of…

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