I – THE ART OF HORSES & II – MORE HORSE TYPES (16-February-2013)

Back on a wet Saturday afternoon in February, my daughter suggested I write something on her favourite topic: ‘Horses’!
Here are the two 100-word stories that had their first public reading yesterday when I shared them with the Bangalow Writer’s Group.

I am happy that the meeting facilitator, Simone, only newly exposed to this format, was sufficiently intrigued to suggest it as the monthly writing task for the group!

I admit that I am quite looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with!


I once thought my school-friend Sharon slightly soft for her hours devoted to drawing horses. Heads proud, in profile or down grazing, with silky charcoal pencil lines and rubbed shadows, or fine oil brushed strokes of manes flowing over expressive eyes.
No wonder little girls fall in love with horses.
My daughter has become a horse devotee. A fearless vaulting acolyte as she throws slender limbs around the muscular haunches of a moving mare, like it is a levitating yoga mat on which to perfect leg extension moves, while soaring above hoof-churned sand.
I much prefer horses in art now.


Thoughts of wily horses that would scrape the unwary rider off its back by heading under low-lying branches, or turn to chomp at one’s buttock if you didn’t keep the rein on the far side held tight to restrict it’s swinging jaws…or the agisted horse that had been scrubbed and hosed clean after six months’ riderless, only to perform like an out of control five-second in eternity rollercoaster ride. Unforgettable that sensation of going up and down and up to see the ground rush up to catch me. These are memories of a mother watching her young daughter ride.

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