Chinese Tourist Damages 3000-Year-Old Temple in Luxor

Originally posted on Egyptian Streets:
The carving reads “Ding Jinhao was here.” A Chinese tourist damaged a 3,000-year-old site in Luxor causing outrage in China and Egypt after photographs taken by an embarrassed Chinese tourist were publicly shared on Chinese social media. The tourist carved “Ding Jinhao was here,” while visiting Luxor in Egypt. Chinese…

ART, NOT GRAFFITI (29-May-2013)

Lately I’m thinking that urban art installations say so much more than ‘Ollie’ the local graffitist’s facile tags, scribbled on this town’s back laneway fences.  They slander my child’s school hall and insult the volunteers each morning at the back door of Vinnie’s recycling centre.  I’d love to recycle them into the exploration of the […]

AS HARD AS DIAMONDS (27-September-2012)

The spartan room was underlit by the light table’s white incandescence. It made classifying the stones easier on her eyes, but cast an unflattering uplight. Few could have foretold how distant weekends spent rearranging the stock in high street jewellers would evolve into a career appraising the origins of diamonds for the government criminal hunters. […]

THE CAFÉ READERS (How I met Marilyn…) (30-March-2013)

I sat down, next to the lady in front of the fan that was blowing humid air around the café. Cooling was only possible inside that breeze. She had been occupying the vortex for some time and looked startled that anyone would reach over and adjust the direction of air flow. This is exactly what […]


The load of washing I put on last night remains in the machine. Today’s downpours uninspire domesticity. My daughter’s school shirt and a pair of socks were missed, remaining huddled on her bedroom floor, marking the spot where she changed into something less sweaty from primary school playground and sports afternoon. The end-of-week memorial service […]


Leaving the fishing resort for my next island-hopping flight, the lagoon had one parting surprise. Reclining on my backpack, in the lee of bow and tropical downpour, I spooled out a rubbery squid lure on tough monofilament.  The handline jagged and my yellow raincoated driver cut the motor. Local customs revealed: landing fish has priority […]


Dear Grandma, You’d be most surprised were you still here to see the way the world’s evolved, round freshly made sponge feather-light as before my childhood memory of shaky hand rattling plate beside bone-china tea. Early on battle’s morn my father lit the furnace before greeting bovine troops at dawn. You marshaled yesterday’s fowl bombs […]

I – THE ART OF HORSES & II – MORE HORSE TYPES (16-February-2013)

Back on a wet Saturday afternoon in February, my daughter suggested I write something on her favourite topic: ‘Horses’! Here are the two 100-word stories that had their first public reading yesterday when I shared them with the Bangalow Writer’s Group. I am happy that the meeting facilitator, Simone, only newly exposed to this format, […]