Since November 2012 I’ve been researching the history of my maternal grandfather’s great-grandfather.  Yesterday I slipped between suburban houses and visited his gravesite.  It is in need of urgent repair and rehabilitation.  The ravages of 132 years, the steady growth of peppermint trees and general neglect will do some of that.  Getting the location marked on the property title and heritage protection would help.  I took photographs of the overgrown grave site with its’ damaged railings, the culverted creek, and the rise once known as Cox’s Hill, now unsignposted.  Forgotten.  The Princes Highway has eaten into it over the years.


2 thoughts on “ON FINDING DR COX’S GRAVE

  1. Lovely piece, Alexandra.

    I’ve written my first ever Drabble. I ‘d like to put it on your website and wonder how to go about it. I know you sent me some info, but I’ve been marking Uni assignments and my head is close to ‘primal explosion’ state. This is also my excuse for not getting the Dorrigo Writers Journal out, yet – in a week or two it will be saner for about a fortnight before the next wave of making hits. I’ve included my Drabble below – if you think its worth putting on the Drabble Page would you tell me – in very simple terms – how to go about it, please. Cheers, Iris


    There is too much sky. Currawongs and magpies and crested pigeons flap wings, bewildered, panic-sticked, at empty air. Bowerbirds hunch on other perches. Stare bright-eyed at the void. The wind sweeps. Swayed trees lurch and list with too much room to move. The sounds have changed and the symphony foregoes notes. Light, brash, not concerned for the tender moss, colonises. The shadows flee and take with them the deeper greens, the dew on fronds, the moist-soil scent and netted spider-silk.

    It is like missing a step and pitching, or meeting a friend with a long-familiar smile suddenly gap-toothed and foreign.


  2. Congratulations Iris! Thank you for coordinating the Cafe Poets at the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival. It was also a great way to network with other writers. There were at least 3 of us from the Byron area who came away creatively energised by the whole experience!
    Welcome to the joy of drabbling. I hope it works as an antidote to the stress of assignment marking.

    You are also welcome to copy it as a comment to the facebook page: Byron Short Fiction ‘Drabble’ Writers and/or add it to the ABC POOL collaborative project ‘The Drabble Writer’s Table 2013’ at http://pool.abc.net.au/projects/drabble-writers-table-2013-100-word-microfiction.

    I look forward to more!
    – Alexandra


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